Although it was family members and friends that encouraged me to create a blog, I am hopeful that I will reach a larger audience. So in that case, you might want to know a little more about me…

I am Tyler.

I am a 25 year old girl born and raised in the lovely Midwestern state of Indiana.

I am adventurous. As I mentioned in my first post, I was fortunate enough to travel a lot growing up. My dad’s job is PDR (paintless dent repair) and involved chasing hail storms for a good portion of the year. And of course, we visited him whenever we had the opportunity. From summers spent in a travel trailer in Tennessee to flying out on a January weekend to see the Grand Canyon, I saw a good chunk of the US by the time I turned 18. I opted for spring breaks on cruise ships in the Caribbean for a different experience. I have taken up backpacking, and aspire to complete a thru-hike. I am on a quest to visit every national park. My desire to explore has no boundaries.

I am compassionate. The other prime detail about who I am as a person, is my career. Although I love the minimalist principles, one of which being we are not defined by our job, I cannot incorporate that specific idea into my life personally. I LOVE my job and want it to be a key aspect of who I am. I am a pediatric nurse at the largest children’s hospital in IN. On a surgical trauma floor, I care for children during difficult times, and I love feeling important in their young lives. I rock babies to sleep, I bond with patients over stickers and funny conversations, I support terrified parents and answer all of their questions, and so very much more. It is a lovely profession that I am lucky enough to be a part of, and I truly cannot imagine doing anything different.

I am ambitious and independent. I have large goals for my life, especially incorporating the two concepts I discussed above, traveling and nursing. I am going to become a travel nurse, as soon as my experience level allows. I hope to move out west for a while and experience it first hand. Regardless, until that time, I am going to continue to go on adventures, even when that means traveling alone.

I am family oriented and social. The key reason why I won’t just uproot from Indiana completely is my family. I cannot bring myself to move away from my family permanently, as much as my heart longs for new places. Currently, I see my family more than anyone, second only to my coworkers. I love being social and spending quality time with them, my friends, and coworkers (who double as my friends too).

I am bubbly and strive for positivity. I am always laughing. I am constantly trying new things, whether that be yoga or photography. I am reliable. I am an adult, with too many responsibilities and maturity. I am childlike, in my hopes and energy.  I am Ty.