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Coffee, Coffee, & More Coffee

One of my favorite things to do in Seattle has been finding cute little cafes and coffee shops. I sit down with my artistic & local coffee and mess around on my laptop; sometimes writing a blog post, sometimes spending too much money on amazon, and sometimes just mindlessly scrolling through social media. Regardless, it’s been the most reliable reason to leave my apartment.

Intrigue Chocolate & Coffee: This is probably my favorite coffee shop I’ve discovered, but it’s on the pricier side. It’s actually more a chocolate shop, and they use their own chocolate in the mochas. So they are incredibly flavorful & decadent. I have tried a cardamom mocha, a lavender mocha, and the double mocha that my mom ordered (misunderstanding that would include even more of the rich chocolate.) You literally cannot go wrong with any thing on the menu. Like don’t even get me started on the truffles.

Ghost Alley Espresso: This was the first coffee shop I tried in Seattle, hidden in Post Alley by the gum wall. It’s a very small little shop and fortunately wasn’t busy when I stopped by. The barista suggested trying a lavender cardamom mocha, and I fell in love. Hence why you’ll notice the trend that’s what I’ve been ordering at other places throughout the city. They make some of their own syrups and use a local coffee from Queen Anne. Definitely worth the visit if you’re spending the day at Pike Place Market (although you’ll have to have a second coffee at the original Starbucks later on.)

Tougo Coffee: This coffee company has three locations around the city and focuses on ethical farming practices and high coffee quality from several different roasters. They utilize different artisan slow brewing techniques for their coffees, that don’t leave a bitter taste. They’re cold brew is mentioned numerous times in reviews. I’ve gone to the Central District location and it provides adequate seating and outlets, while maintaining the cozy coffeeshop vibe. They highlight on their website that their prices reflect the quality of their coffee, which is true (nothing is cheap in Seattle,) but they are cheaper than some of the other places on this list. My only issue is that my Mocha did not last nearly long enough while I completed my on-boarding modules for work.

Capitol Coffee Works: Actually just the Capitol Hill location of Seattle Coffee Works, there are three other locations around the city named for their location (i.e. Ballard Coffee Works.) This fair-trade coffee company is great across the board; their coffee is slowly brewed to tasty perfection, they buy coffee directly from the source, and they have a cozy little set-up inside featuring a macrame swing and a small lofted area reached by spiral stairs. Oh and as you can see above, they decorated their display cups with Bob’s Burgers, so bonus points in my book. You can buy subscriptions of their coffee and they even have fancy brew guides on their website if you want to step up your at-home coffee game. Although a further distance from me, if you’re looking for a place to get some coffee & get some work done, this would be one of my top recommendations. It’s worth the walk. The coffee and staff are great, and I’ll be back soon to try a pastry.

Westman’s Coffee & Bagel: This cute little place is near my apartment and has slightly cheaper coffee than some of the other options on this list. They don’t have a large coffee though, so I hope you aren’t desperate for caffeine. They’re a street shop, meaning you walk up and take it to go. It would be dangerous if I worked a normal 9-5, it would be so easy to stop by there on your way to work. (Maybe a hidden pro of night shift.) Regardless, I have walked the couple blocks there to get a mocha & their “BEC.” It’s a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on a soft roll; they were out of rolls when I went & I got it on a bagel instead. It was yummy. The bagel was toasty on the outside, but still chewy on the inside. Which it should be since their plain bagels are $2 a piece. They make up for it with their generous toppings though. This place can get really busy and runs out of some of their bagels early, so be conscious about when you do stop by. Pros and cons for Westman’s, but if you’re looking for a good bagel in Seattle, this is the place to go. I’ll definitely be going back to try their lox schmear.

Katy’s Cafe: A small cafe in the central district, so slightly outside of the hustle of Capitol Hill. The coffee was good, the breakfast bagel even better. The downfall of this small gem is the lack of seating and electrical outlets. You’ll have to have a fully charged computer or arrive at just the perfect time to get the seat by the outlet. They encourage a cozy setting and interacting with the other patrons, so it’s an intentional set-up. I spent a Friday afternoon here, and it wasn’t too busy. The few other people around me were friendly and seemed to be regulars, fitting the vibe of the cafe. They’re also extremely dog friendly (as most of Seattle tends to be) and even feature a “Mutt Shots” wall as pictured above. A perfect touch.

Starbucks Roastery & Reserve: I haven’t been here and actually tried their coffee flight yet! A tragedy, I know. So I’ll update this as I get out there and try more of Seattle’s famous coffee. <3

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