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The First Month

I’ve officially spent over a full month in a different city alone. Outside of the first week that my mom was able to spend with me, I haven’t seen my friends or family in A MONTH. Of course FaceTime is a beautiful thing, texting is easy (although I suck at it,) and they’re always just a call a way.

Although it’s an interesting concept that when I wake up for work, I already have a “Goodnight” text from my dad? As if it wasn’t hard enough keeping in contact with everyone back home while I was on night shift, now throw in a 3 hour difference just to spice things up.

Regardless, I honestly thought it was going to be harder than this. To keep it real, on my trip to Utah last May, I was so incredibly homesick. So I expected to suffer through the same overwhelming sense of loneliness. I don’t know if it was the lack of cell service, the beautiful and utterly expansive desert, or car camping in isolated places; but I had days I really struggled. And that was only a 2 week trip. Travel nursing isn’t like that though, I’m surrounded by people and responsibilities. And I have a working cell phone.

I enjoy Seattle immensely, as I knew I would after that first visit in high school. This city’s vibe fits me as a person. My family has always (lovingly) teased me for being a “tree-hugger” or a little too granola. It’s nice to be in a city that has just as many recycling cans as trash cans. And as much as the city cares for the environment, overall they don’t care at all. You can be whomever you want to be, and nobody bats an eye. While my mom was here, she wore one of her old scrub tops out in the city and received numerous compliments. You can imagine her surprise and laughter, as Indy isn’t so kind. Of course there’s so much more about Seattle that attracts me, but we’ll save that for another post, or for when you travel to visit me.

I’m loving this new chapter in my life. I’ve made new friends. Yet I don’t mind doing things by myself. Work keeps me busy. There’s so much to see and do. All factors I suppose that lend to a successful travel nurse.

My dear family & friends, feel free to call me anytime. Just because I’m not drowning in this new city, doesn’t mean I don’t miss you all so much. <3

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