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Road Trippin’ & Brunchin’

If there’s one thing my mom and I can do well, it’s eat, but specifically brunch. There’s just something about breakfast food, I can support it any time of day. There’s not a single traditional breakfast item that is subpar. In fact, I’m pretty sure the worst part about brunch is having to decide what to order.

A little recommendation for road tripping, if you eat a big brunch, you don’t have to pay for any other meals that day. Both full days of our trip, my mom and I found a brunch spot, and otherwise didn’t make any additional food pit stops. Eat one of the best types of food, refillable coffee, and save money? Three wins in one.

When I drove through Denver last May, I stopped at a delicious diner called Sunny’s. I had told my mom all about it, and thus she wanted to try said place as well. Conveniently we decided to take I-70 to Denver and then head North, to avoid the likely bad weather on the more northern 80 & 90 for as long as possible. This of course gave us the great opportunity to eat at Sunny’s again. It was better than I remembered. I got the “Good Night” sandwich which is 2 eggs, chorizo, tomato, and avocado sandwiched better 2 grilled cheeses. I don’t know (and don’t want to know) the calorie count, but I do know it was absolutely fire. Their side of fried potatoes is good too, but not worth filling up on with such a fulfilling sandwich. My mom got one of their benedicts and talked about it all the way to, and even through, our brunch the next day.

The next day, we found our way into downtown Boise, Idaho and ate at a hidden gem called Goldy’s. Another small diner worthy of so much praise. My mom again got a benedict and spent way too long comparing the two, but unable to determine a winner (unless she’s spent the last 3 weeks in serious consideration.) I got the breakfast burrito, a Tyler classic. Their burrito is perfect in the sense that you can choose from a list of about 10 ingredients (even choosing all of them if you so desire) for no extra charge. Of course, I made sure to include chorizo in mine. I loved it, and had half of it to save for leftovers… which yes I did still eat even after it was in my car for hours, my iron stomach wins again. The little side trip to downtown Boise was a pleasant surprise, my mom and I weren’t expecting much. But the city felt relatively eclectic and hipster, and a place I’d be interested in exploring more thoroughly someday.

Might as well continue with the brunch theme, which leads me to my new favorite place in Seattle, skillet diner. It happens to be the only place that my mom and I went to multiple times while she was here for the first week, three times if you count the location in Seattle Center by the Space Needle. I had to get the grilled cheese with bacon jam & a side of tomato soup twice, and opted for “the chub” breakfast sandwich another day. My mom tried three different things each time; the breakfast Sammy, the daily scramble, and a third item I can’t remember, surprise surprise. Regardless, they’re literally all great options. If you come to Seattle to visit me, I will undoubtedly take you to Skillet. Fortunately, it’s near my apartment. 🙂

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