Hey Friends,

So, although absolutely nothing exciting has actually occurred in the last couple of months, hence my lack of new posts; I have been planning some things, and now 2018 should get more and more exciting as time goes on!

  1. I have officially decided what I am doing for my vacation in May. I am road tripping to Utah, and going to visit ALL 5 national parks! I won’t spend AS much time backpacking that way, but that’s okay. I am going to get a well rounded experience and mark off five parks from my bucket list. I. Am. So. Stoked. Conveniently all five parks are within an easy drive of each other, so I am planning to drive to Zion (the farthest) and then just make my way back to Indiana. I have been researching some of the best places to backpack, best views, and the sort. But as of right now, I do not have a day by day plan; which I do not really need as long as I make it home by the next time I work. That being said, if you have any must sees in Utah; the national parks and the Moab region, please share! I do have some tentative must sees already. For example, despite my mom’s fears, I am planning to complete the Angel’s Landing hike within Zion, I mean how could I not while going out there? With the time I do have to spend in the back country, I am planning to dedicate it to Zion and Capitol Reef. And there are several of the arches I HAVE to see within Arches National Park too… Really, I cannot go wrong just getting away from Indiana’s recent dreary weather and getting outside in the sun. I need it.
  2. I have officially completed my profile for my first travel nursing company! My two years as an RN is quickly approaching the first week of July: so I have updated and submitted my resume, I have talked to my manager about keeping a PRN position at Riley, I have completed references and a skills survey, and basically now I just have to wait. I plan to try for my first contract in September, directly following my return from a cruise with my family.

In between then and now, I am going to enjoy a summer with my friends and family. I am going to trade in my little Dodge Dart for a more practical Jeep (probably a Grand Cherokee), so that I can actually fit all my belongings and pets and a bike rack into my frequent cross country trips, and I probably need a 4×4 for my outdoor adventures for that matter? I am going to complete my PALS certification (something medsurg floors don’t require at Riley, but most travel positions do.) I am going to study for and hopefully receive my CPN (certified pediatric nurse.) I am going to apply for a Washington RN license, since I am hoping to get my first contract in Seattle. I am going to spend way too much time researching places to live and eat and hike in the Pacific Northwest. And I am going to die of impatience probably.

It’s an exciting time, as I plan this big giant absolutely huge step in my life. It’s also slightly overwhelming, since I am making it real and I have never been out of driving range from my family. BUT, I know this is something I need to do, I would regret it if I didn’t. Fortunately, I am going to try to keep my position at Riley, despite the inconvenience it will be at times, because it has been such a great place to start my career and I consider it my home. I do fully intend to come back and advance my career here in Indianapolis no doubt. When submitting my profile to my recruiter, she requested I send in a small paragraph of my current duties and responsibilities to give my first time traveler profile a boost. Well, lo and behold, it is impossible to contain my job into just a few sentences. I sent a full blown essay describing just what we do on 9East.

So that being said, I am so lucky that little nursing student Tyler had the experience of being a resource tech, and knew exactly what every unit entailed when it came time to apply for an RN position. I knew 9East was the place I wanted to work; the staff is quite possibly the most helpful and friendly hospital wide, and we have some pretty high acuity and tasky kids. There is not a drain or tube I have not gotten hands on experience with. Heck, I have even had to take care of a night time vent. I see patients before and after some pretty massive surgeries. I am always assessing for complications. I am a resource for parents during some of the most scary and unknown times. So I feel confident heading into new territory, I am prepared for most things I will come across. And even if I have not seen something first hand as an RN, I likely did as a tech, and I used to ask a lot of questions back then trying to learn whatever I could. So, I am ready. Now, I just have to wait a few months. (:


Here’s a few photos from way back in 2010, when I first visited and fell completely in love with Seattle. Just to hold us both over until I can post some new travel pics.

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