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Devil’s Tower

Friday. September 8, 2017. Wind Cave.

Today we woke up late, 1000 here. I basically drowned on snot in the middle of the night and had to walk a decent trek to the bathroom, so I did not sleep well at all. It was nice to get some sleep finally, even broken rough sleep, but we fully intended on getting an earlier start hiking.

It did not end up being too big of a deal though. It was hot on our hike up to and around the base of Devil’s Tower, but not unbearably so. Maybe due to my experience with a heat wave in Cali in June I have a higher threshold to compare it to though.

As I mentioned yesterday, my dad had been very adamant from the beginning of planning the trip, that Devil’s Tower was an absolute must.  Of course, my sister and I were going to do the short, maybe 3 miles at most, hike up around the base of it. We talked, and wondered, if our dad had done that on his previous trips out here. Knowing our dad, we made the assumption he did not (which by the way, I asked him after our trip, and he definitely did not walk that “long hike.” Lol.) But my point being, I love to hear about others’ trips and stories and view points and memories. It was cool to know we were not quite a day away from home, but we were somewhere that our dad had been and remembered so well.

Some climbers!

Anyways, we did that today and then headed towards Wind Cave National Park to set up camp tonight. We had to make a couple side trips and pit stops to get here though. We both somehow forgot towels, so we stopped by a family dollar in New Castle with the intent of getting towels, sinus meds, and bread. Of course we got the latter two things, and forgot towels again. So then once we got to the campground, Sissy realized we still had no towels. We headed to Hot Springs, the nearest town, obviously famous for hot springs (we unfortunately did not get to enjoy them.) After two different dollar stores, we made it back to the campground only to realize there is not even a shower house. Which I am fine not showering for another day, that was clearly my experience earlier in the summer…

The next few days are going to be filled with more adventures than driving, and that’s so refreshing after the last two days.


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