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On the Road Again

Thursday. September 7, 2017. Devil’s Tower.

Hey! Here I am on another trip, surprise! At the beginning of the summer, Sissy and I had discussed wanting to go on a road trip. I had suggested a couple places that were all within reasonable driving distance; the Virginia’s, Smokey Mtns, or South Dakota. She most liked the idea of going out west, so we planned a week we could both get off work; and here we are now, sitting at a picnic table in the eastern part of Wyoming.

I worked Sunday, Monday, Tuesday this week; so I got off work yesterday morning, slept until around 3pm, and got up to finish packing (since I had failed to get it done last weekend.) We finally loaded up the car and left at around 1900 Indiana time. If you do the math, to be in Wyoming by now, we had to drive through. Thank goodness for night shift, one of the few pros of those terrible hours: I am a champ at staying up all night long despite exhaustion.

So Sissy and I talked and sang and reminisced all the way through the width of Illinois and Iowa. She fell asleep for the northern drive up the border of Iowa and the first portion of South Dakota. And still even with her finally awake, the 300-ish miles of nothing on I-90 through South Dakota were rough. We made it to Wall Drug at 0900 their time, so 1100 in Indy. It was a tourist trap if I have ever seen one, but still good to experience and mark off my list. I at least love the history aspect of it too. They still have free ice water and sell 5 cent coffee (it is just so watered down, definitely did not help my tiredness this morning.) Although the coffee was a waste of a nickel, it was still cool to know that was their advertising gimmick during the 1930’s when the store first opened. Being the Great Depression, it was the only way to get people inside.  I would say it was probably one of the best advertising tactics they could have came up, considering it’s popularity almost 90 years later.

After that, we continued to drive on I-90 up to Sturgis. Our dad had talked to us on the phone earlier in the commute to remind us of the places where we needed to stop, and then went into full detail about how to picture Sturgis during bike week when we drove down Main St. I saw pictures in a gift shop of a crowd; and basically it appears a glorified adult spring break featuring stereotypical bikers. Sounds insane, and I honestly cannot picture my dad around that many people. Specifically, him around that many people, and enjoying it. But he has gone several times, and loves it, so I guess there is a side of my dad that I have not seen.

Another of the places my dad said we had to go through was Deadwood. It is an old town from the gold rush back in the 1870’s. Although restored, you can clearly see the historical charm. Which of course I adored (seeing as how time travel would by my chosen super power, simply to observe history in action.) We did not stay and appreciate the old saloons and casinos since Allyson is only 20.



Instead though, we got a glimpse of the Black Hills on I-14a. We drove on a scenic highway, and both were so tired, Sissy suggested we pull over and eat lunch alongside a creek. We made deli sandwiches, which is an interesting concept after my last trip; having a cooler in the car that is. We also put about 2 toes in the frigid water. It was so refreshing and woke us both up enough to continue the trip into Wyoming to Devil’s Tower (another one of dad’s “suggestions.”) 

We are camping here now in the 2 person tent I bought, we saw the prairie dog area and tomorrow morning will hike up to see the tower itself.

So anyways, it is 2100 in Indy, and I have been up since 1500 yesterday. Plus driving is taxing. And I. Am. So. Tired.


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