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(I apologize for the delay in a post, I am still struggling to have a consistent schedule and priorities with this taxing night shift schedule. Never fear though, I am finishing my posts about California, and then moving directly into my South Dakota trip I just got back from last week. This journal entry is from my last day in Yosemite, and typing it is surely making me miss being out in the wilderness and away from everything.)

Friday. June 24, 2017. Yosemite (Camp 4)

Last night in my humble abode, until my next adventure that is. I am obviously excited to go home to my cats, family, bed, and shower; but I am sad to be leaving this place and the lifestyle it entails and encourages. It is a little break from the drama of modern day life, and is a place where I can just be outside, happy, and in constant awe.

Today I spent the first of the day with Jesse and Alyssa driving with them to see the last few sites of the valley; El Cap at the base, Bridalveil Falls, and the swinging bridge (which does not swing.) We then ate lunch, that Jesse of course generously paid for, and they had to leave. I then walked the rest of the way from the Majestic Lodge to Mirror Lake. Again, it was reflective, but not amazingly so. Half Dome is not distinctive across the water or anything. It was still lovely of course, as I put my feet in the frigid water and just sat for a bit in complete peace.


I then spent the afternoon napping in my hammock (which btw I am totally going to miss my evening hangs at home), eating a dehydrated dinner again, and then I went to a rock climbing presentation. On the bus ride over, the bus driver was very inquisitive of who I am and his shift was over so he wanted to walk with me. Apparently, Mario lives and works in national parks. He quit a corporate world job to float around doing various jobs in beautiful places like this. Definitely an ideal job as far as benefits and extracurricular life goes. He invited me to get ice cream, but I had to decline so I could get to my presentation. I desperately want to learn how to rock climb, as seldom do I say no to ice cream.

Dave, the head of Yosemite’s Mountaineering School, had a presentation about the basics of climbing, the aid gear, and then pictures of some of his trips. It is something I absolutely would love to learn. Although I doubt I would ever want to do something life a multi day climb up the face of El Cap, it seems so challenging and satisfying, and slightly terrifying. I do want to learn before I move here for travel nursing, obviously my next big step in life.

Can you spot the climbers?

While waiting for the presentation to start, I met two sisters and one of their daughters from the SoCal area. Again, they were very interested in my story; who I am, what I do, what I did here, and especially my future goals. I do not necessarily consider myself a big dreamer, but in conversations it definitely appears more and more that way. I have big goals and ambitions, that do not necessarily just involve my career and big purchases, something that can be uncommon for some people I suppose. Going back to the minimalists principles, society is controlled by profession and climbing the corporate ladder to be able to provide more material items. I am somewhere in the middle of that, and I am trying to shy away from the status quo even more in my life. Regardless, it has been interesting the number of strangers curious and supportive of my endeavors.


PS: Sent this picture to my mom, trying to scare her that I was camping on the side of a rock, but she didn’t get it.

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