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The Mist Trail

Wednesday. June 21, 2017. Yosemite (Camp 4)

Finally an improvement in how I am feeling, although my shoulders look worse now that they are healing some. Skin has been peeling off at different stages, so I am approximately 9 different colors. All painful looking, most dry and cracked, and a couple still blistered. Also apparently I have been getting “sweat blisters” the past day or two, which are satisfying to scratch at (and probably should not do?)

Anyways, today I went on a hike up the mist trail, that definitely lives up to its name. The portion up to Vernal Falls is incredibly easy, especially when you consider the past week. But up there it is like a downpour from the wind combined with the waterfall. Since I was just on a warm day hike, I did not have my rain gear with me. So I turned around and took the longer trail up to the Nevada Fall, which is actually the beginning of the John Muir Trail.

No worries about the water falls being dried up right now

On my way up there I met two guys on their way to Little Yosemite Valley with the intent to do the cables at Half Dome tomorrow early morning. Kyle and Griffin are from southern California too, and have done the cables numerous times. We had great conversation when they met me up at the top of the fall. Their lives are definitely more adventurous and reflective of what I would like to live like.

Which brings me to the reflection that the West has so much more outdoorsy activities, and a longer time of year to participate, than Indiana,  I have missed my family terribly, especially being in the campground and childhood memories of many trips in the RV. But my point is, I really want to live out here for a time and fully experience what the West has to offer. 

One point in our conversation today that stuck out was when I asked what the boys do, implying work as is the norm in this society. Griffin immediately answered “climbing” though, despite that he is actually a teacher. It is a concept brought up by the minimalists, and something I am trying to put more into practice. We as a society put so much emphasis on one’s job, a child choosing a career, and how high up in the ranks one is able to achieve, etc. But really we are so much more than that, and life should be more than that. We are only here for a short time frame. I honestly love being a pediatric nurse and I love answering about impacting kids’ lives, but I also want to be known for more than that.

Another concept on my mind is how different people are in various areas, even just within this country. It is so diverse. Obviously in ethnicity, accents, religions, beliefs, etc. But even just the small things. Like what people like to do as a family, how people cook certain recipes, or calling the same thing by a different name. It is just so interesting to ponder differences and how little factors could make big differences. One thing I taught the family staying at my campsite last night, was the idea of pudgey pies. Of course they had never heard of them beforehand. I could not make them without a cast iron mold unfortunately, but I did explain the best I could.

Even though I make comments about how I wish my parents had been more health conscious or exposed me to whatever thing I want to do next (currently rock climbing), I had a fantastic childhood and wonderful memories. And besides, it obviously made me into the independent traveler I have started to fully become.   

Back to my hike though, the only big thing I did today, it is amazing how much better it was actually feeling better. Granted it was an easier hike and I was down 30 pounds on my back, but it was back to being more enjoyable and a positive experience. My mentality through the whole thing was much more energetic and optimistic and encouraging. By that, I mean I had not even planned on going to the top of Nevada Fall, but why not? And it was worth it. I met great people, saw a beautiful waterfall, and had an enjoyable day outside in a national park.

So anyways, enough rambling about my random thoughts. My neighbors are here, so time to socialize before bed, before another day hike tomorrow.


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