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Camp 4

Tuesday. June 20, 2017. Yosemite (Camp 4).

Overall a better day! I started off still sick and unsure of what to do. So I tore down my camp at the backpacker’s camp and set off towards the rest of the valley without any real plan. I had managed to eat an applesauce squeeze without feeling worse, so I finally settled on trying a real cooked meal at one of the hotel’s restaurants. I was able to eat pretty well, but soon after become increasingly more nauseous. So I headed to Camp 4, the only first come first serve camp.

Each site at this camp holds six people, regardless of how many tents. It just so happens, that they had one more spot for 1 person open. And as expected, no one in the significant line in front of me was alone. So now I am here for the remainder of the week. Because I cannot go out into the back country alone if I am unable to eat and a little weak. It is just not safe, people have died from less. I am so incredibly bummed about it, you can only imagine. I feel as though I am being weak or it appears as an excuse to take the easy alternative. Overall just being hard on myself about it. I want to be in the back country, in the heart of the beauty and relying on only myself and the land.

I took today easy once I finally set up camp; I finally lounged in my hammock, chilled in the air conditioning at the visitor’s center and store, and watched 2 short videos at the theater (again air conditioned!) I finally was feeling well enough that I was hungry and craving food for the first time since Friday. Definitely makes it seem like heat exhaustion promoted by sunburn (which is still forming new blisters!) 

I bought myself a Yosemite coloring book to entertain myself during downtime now. I still fully intend to go on day hikes everyday I am feeling well and make the most of my stay while here. I will just have to go backpacking again soon, maybe to the Appalachians?? Anyways, I am not going to completely waste this trip, this place is WAY to beautiful/magnificent/expansive. I can see why it was the first land set aside by the government.

As I mentioned, this campground is six people per site, so I am currently with two other families. I have spent the evening with Jesse, Alyssa, and Wendy from southern California. They had me try an LA hotdog, notable because it is wrapped in bacon and I also ate it without any nausea. We talked for several hours and went on an adventure to the shower house (which you cannot believe my relief on that one). Anyways, they have been so incredibly kind and generous. We have had great conversations, especially listening to Jesse’s stories of adventure and training in various places (as an LAPD). As I think I have previously said, this trip has included meeting and talking to a lot of great people.

BTW! A story I forgot yesterday, I felt too lousy to include. I camped by Snow Creek Sunday night before heading back into the valley. Well on my way down, I ran into two guys that told me they had just talked to a ranger also on his way down. He had been staying up there to thwart bears with a paintball gun to deter them from civilization or whatever. Well I guess there had been five at the top of Snow Creek. He had said one of them had been known to throw bear cans down a hill. So that is great. I am glad they did not make their way down the creek a little further or otherwise I may literally be starving without anything to even force myself to eat.

Well all in all, it is amazing what feeling better has done for my spirit. I still feel down about the situation, this is not what I intended, but at least now I can fully enjoy day hikes without having to think about not vomiting. And in my positive viewpoint, I do not have to tear down camp every morning! Which is so time consuming.

This trip has definitely been a test to my new attitude, go with the flow and good vibes. I have had to adapt numerous times and at least I have remained mostly positive in the grand scheme of things. Always going to be some down moments, but I am still in Yosemite, so how bad can it really be?


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