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Up the Falls

Saturday. June 17, 2017. Yosemite.

Well here I am, laying down in my tent, my home for the next week. Getting here has been a hassle, for months even if I am being honest. But so far, it already has been worth it. Yes it sucks, just like one would expect, but in such a good way.

So this morning I had one option to get to Yosemite as I previously explained; the Merced Yarts to the express Yarts in Mariposa, with 6 minutes between the two. Unfortunately my first bus driver was 25 minutes late. I immediately confronted her and asked “What am I going to do?!” She was new, and so clearly did not know what was going on. I explained the bus schedule, and she just stated there was nothing she could do and that she needed to leave because she was running late (clearly.) I started walking off with a “Thank you, you have been very pleasant” comment. With that, she decided to call her manager, who contacted the express bus to wait for me (and the foreign guy on the bus that had not yet realized he was not going to get to the valley.) I also got things for Saturday arranged. Phew. 




20 minutes in.

Anyways, on to the good stuff. Today was physically and mentally a struggle, but manageable. Obviously my pack is heavy at around 40 pounds, and it digging into blistered, oozing, raw sunburnt shoulders is awful. Especially when I am putting it on. So I did not take my pack off the whole time up the falls, except for once, which was at 20 minutes in to get my towel since salt from sweat was literally burning my eyes.



One of the numerous pictures I stopped to take on the way up (provided a nice break.)

It was a long day, and I am only 4 hours out on the falls (starting at 2pm) and maybe 15-30 minutes further to set up camp. Of course the elevation and incline got me good, with an additional 40 pounds at that. So I took numerous breaks and moved slowly, which is difficult for me. Typically I want to get moving and get things done, but hiking cannot solely be like that.





It is really mentally taxing, even worse than long distance running. I never had the thought today to turn around and that I cannot do it, but it still took a lot of effort to keep pushing onward. It was helpful today with that because everyone along the trail was encouraging, complimenting, or in shock I am doing this by myself. I talked to a significant amount of people today, all of them friendly and many commenting on my solo trip. But we will see how tomorrow goes when I am completely in the back country.


I currently see two other groups of people/campsites/whatever. I do not feel worried, but I do have my dad’s hunting knife he insisted I take and my mace beside me. My bear can is across the way, my toiletries do not fit yet, so they are sitting beside it and I hope they do not attract animals.

I do have a terrible headache, I have only peed twice, and I truly do not feel like eating. So going to pay special attention to hydration.



I’m sleeping. G’night.



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